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Our Services

Mapping GPS provides customers with an accurate and up to date GIS data, compiled and tailored for each customer’s specifications. We provide the following 911 Mapping Services:

Inventory the client’s road network with GPS and available aerial photography, including driveways for houses not visible from the road.

Photos are taken of all structures that can be accessed by the data collection.


Photos are taken of all structures that can be accessed by the data collection.

Creation of base map, street centerline, addresses points, and common places layers.

Creation or converting existing property (cadastral) maps using Coordinate Geometry (COGO).

Creation of special Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) map layers required by various CAD systems such as Fire Agency, Police, or various others that need to be tailored to the CAD system.


TopComp Inc. provides maintenance after the initial digital maps are completed. Keeping the map current with changes that need to be added after the initial creation of the digital map, such as new roads, layers, etc. will keep the digital map up-to-date.

TopComp offers addressing and readdressing services tailored for each customer. We will work hand in hand with you to insure accuracy.

MSAG (Master Street Guide)/LVF (Location Validation Function)

TopComp Inc. offers creation, clean up, and/or maintenance of the customer’s MSAG. TopComp has worked with its current clients to create address points for their CAD systems and is well positioned to transfer from the MSAG to the NG 9-1-1 LVF (Location Validation Function) which will use geographical data to verify locations.

REPROJECT Aerial Images
Convert Aerial Images from one projection to another. For example, from Michigan Oblique Mercator (GeoRef) to State Plane.